App settings are accessed by administrators via Settings -> Apps, in the Advanced Export section.

Apps Settings


By default everyone can schedule reports, however if you'd like to limit that ability, you can specify Project Roles and/or Groups which are allowed to schedule reports.

All the users not allowed to create schedules can still export data in the browser.

Permission Settings

Email Settings

By default all emails are sent from the domain You can use this page to configure alternative email provider.

Default email provider

SendGrid configuration

To configure SendGrid as an email provider, you'll need:

  • API Key (you can create one at SendGrid API Keys settings page). Note, that once saved, API Key won't be shown to you for security reasons. We also encrypt the API Key in the database.
  • From email address. You have to use From address which belongs to the domain verified for your SendGrid account. To verify a domain, use Email API Integration Guide or Sender Authentication in your SendGrid account.
  • Optional Reply To address. This can belong to any domain.

The email addresses can optionally be specified in mailbox format - with an optional display name of the recipient/sender and address enclosed in < and >, e.g. Recipient Name<[email protected]>