Advanced Export Changelog

1.3.7-AC (24th June 2023)


We have added the ability to use SendGrid as an email provider. This way you can start sending reports using your email service which is useful if you want emails coming from your domain. Set up is simple and requires API Key which can be obtained from your SendGrid account. For more information refer to App Settings page.

  • [feature] Ability to use SendGrid as an email provider.

1.3.3-AC (16th June 2023)


  • [feature] Ability to set permission to create scheduled reports in the Admin -> Apps settings page

1.3.2-AC (3rd June 2023)

Minor changes and enhancements to Scheduled Exports options basef on the feedback.


  • [feature] Scheduled reports: We rearranged email options in the dialog to make it more readable
  • [feature] Scheduled reports: Ability to define templates for email subject and text. You can include any text in your report email and use variables like number of exported rows, size of the report file etc.

1.3.1-AC (31st May 2023)

We're continuing to work on improving Scheduled Exports based on the feedback from our lovely customers!


  • [feature] Scheduled reports: Ability to compress exported files using ZIP. This typically reduces size of the file 10 times, which is useful given size limit for email attachement sent by our system is 25MB.
  • [feature] Scheduled reports: Ability to set the exact hour of when report should be generated (in a time zone of your choosing). The report is generated within 60 minutes time window from the selected hour.
  • [fix] Scheduled reports: There were cases reports didn't get generated because our system got overloaded. We scaled the backend up accordingly and everything seems to be running smoothly now!
  • [fix] Saving of export configuration with long JQL statement failed. JQL can now have up to 2048 characters.
  • as usual, a host of other smaller improvements

1.3.0-AC (18th May 2023)

This is a major release with several new features.

The most notable one is ability to schedule recurring exports.

You can still use Advanced Export as before, for exporting directly via browser (in which case they're generated on the fly, in the browser), however we find scheduling recurrent exports just so much more convenient!


Note, that the app now asks for "Act on JIRA user's behalf" permission in order to be able to generate scheduled exports.

We still don't store any of your data, but we need this permission to be able to execute scheduled exports on the server on behalf of the user who defined the export. Scheduled exports are sent as email attachments and at no time are they stored on our servers.


  • [feature] Added Dashboard where you can create/view/edit or schedule defined exports.
  • [feature] Ability to schedule recurrent exports (daily, weekly on specified day of the week, monthly, yearly).
  • [fix] Fixed error retrieving saved exports when page left open for a long time (error 401 caused by expiring Jira security token).
  • [fix] Other minor fixes and improvements.


Visual and usability improvements.


  • [feature] Visual changes to the export creation page. Download/Schedule buttons are now at the bottom.
  • [improvement] Warn when leaving the export screen if there are unsaved changes.
  • [fix] Fixed issues when Excel export would fail because a cell contains more than 32767 characters (that's an Excel limitation). We truncate the cell content to 32767 characters.
  • [fix] Other minor fixes and improvements.