Classic Funnel

Classic Funnel view

What is it

This view lets you visualise traditional funnel showing number of issues per column (by default a column contains single Status, but you can configure it to contain more, as well as change the order of columns).

This chart can be used to show any workflow, but is typically used to show sales or marketing funnels.

Chart assumes, that reaching certain column means an issue went through all previous columns. For example:

  • given 3 columns: Todo -> Doing -> Done
  • and 3 issues:
    • 1 issue in Todo column
    • 1 issue moved Todo -> Done
    • 1 issue moved Todo -> Doing
  • chart will show:
    • 3 issues in Todo column
    • 2 issues in Doing column (this includes issue which moved to Done)
    • 1 issue in Done column

Set up

Select issues for the chart

Use JQL editor:

JQL editor

or select from existing filter:

Select JQL from saved filter

Configure columns

By default columns are created from Statuses. There's 1 column per Status. Columns created automatically have a flag icon next to their name.

Manual configuration in Configure Columns modal allows for more flexibility:

  • change of order / name / colour of columns
  • assigning more than 1 Status to a single column
Configure columns (example in Journey)

Select columns

By default no columns are selected for display. Select any number of columns to create chart off them.

Column selection

Use weights

By default chart uses number of issues to show the size of nodes (the weight of each issue is 1). You can override it with any numerical field. When a weight field is selected, you can also specify a unit to be displayed before or after weight value.

Selecting weights field (example in Classic Funnel)

Adjust height of nodes

In some cases, when weights of nodes differ a lot, chart becomes difficult to read. To prevent the effect of very large nodes next to very small ones, you can use Max height of nodes option to balance the height of nodes.

Balance the graph with max height of nodes (example in Classic Funnel)

Reading the chart

Hover to view details of nodes

Hovering over any node gives more details on number and weight of issues which went in and out of the column.

Tooltip showing details of incoming/outgoing issues

Click any node to see the list of issues in it

Selecting a node shows issues in it, together with a list of visited columns and weight values per issue.

Selected node

Saving chart configurations

Configuration of the chart can be saved and reused. Saved configuration preserves all the settings, including JQL, column configuration and all the other options.

Saved configurations
Save configuration modal