Retrospective Tools (Atlassian)

Statistics View

Statistics view

How to select issues to analyse

Use the JQL editor or "From filter" dialog to select issues. JQL editor opens automatically when clicking on the JQL text field.

Settings, including JQL editor and 'From filter' link

Try to limit number of your issues. If your retrospective meeting follows a sprint, use JQL filter to limit issues from the last sprint (something like project = DEV and Sprint = "My Sprint 6").

Note, that the number of issues being analysed as well as number of status or assignee change events across all these issues is displayed to the right of the JQL editor.

How to configure columns

Initially you'll be notified there are statuses not assigned to columns.

Warning about unassigned columns

Click the Configure Columns button in the Settings area to open configuration dialog.

Configure columns dialog

Columns are configured independently from Jira workflow. A single column can contain more that one status, so you can group statuses which:

  • are similar, becaue they come from different priojects (e.g. you can have Done status for Project A and Closed status for ?Project B)
  • belong the same phase of the workflow and you're interested in bigger picture (e.g. Todo, Backlog, Selected for Development can all belond to single column showing items before development has started).

How to interpret statistics

Statistics view

Statistics: Max, Average, Median, 80th Percentile etc. are calculated for the times issues spent in currently selected columns. Select/deselect columns by clicking in their names above statistics numbers.

Single issue row

Colourful bars per each issue show relative time an issue spent in each column. Higher bars (blue and violet above) show time in selected columns.

In the example below we're sorting column Selected columns in descending order. The green and red arrows show how this time compares to the statistic selected in the Settings (Compare against statistic - Median in our example)

Statistics view - compare against Median value, sort descending by selected columns
Statistics view - compare against Median value, sort descending by selected columns