Email Templates

You can use following tags in your email subject and body:

  • {{name}} - the name of the export configuration
  • {{format}} - format of the generated report file
  • {{rows}} - number of rows generated
  • {{sizeMb}} - size of the generated file (before compression) in MB
  • {{patternEn}} - description of the pattern (e.g. "every day") in English
  • {{jql}} - JQL used to generate the report
  • {{{dashboardUrl}}} - Link to the Advanced Export dashboard (note the triple curly braces)

For example, following template:

We've created a {{format}} file with {{rows}} rows and size of {{sizeMb}}MB.

may produce following result:

We've created a CSV file with 156 rows and size of 0.5MB.

Read more about Scheduled reports.