Retrospective Tools

Retrospective Tools is a set of board views (opens in a new tab) to aid visual analysis of workflow performance.

It consists of 3 views: Replay, Statistics, Cumulative Flow Diagram.


This view lets you inspect Kanban board at any point in time in the past, progress by single event or watch the animation.

Use cases

  • Discover past events that affected delivery of the project as you navigate the timeline in interactive Replay view.
  • See dynamics of the team as the history of issues travelling through workflow is replayed in fast forward.
  • Inspect bottlenecks or just start your retrospective meeting with cool animation.
  • Check status of the board in the past to perform post-mortem or investigate what happened


View statistics related to time spent by items in any Status column or inspect individual items' history of Statuses.

Easily identify outliers - items/tasks taking too long or too short in one or set of Statuses.

Use cases

  • Check lead/cycle time (e.g. as mean time spent in all Statuses except "Done")
  • Identify items/tasks which took the longest/shortest time in specific Status (e.g. In Progress) or set of Statuses (e.g. Backlog and In Progress).
  • Identify which Status items spend the most time in
  • Answer questions like "What's the time we have 90% chance task will get finished" (90th percentile of time spent in Statuses)

Cumulative Flow Diagram

Classic chart showing number of items per Status over time. Bottlenecks become instantly visible, and you can infer lots of interesting data inspecting the chart. CFD charts offer more information than burndown charts and are sometimes used instead of them by agile teams.

Use cases

  • Find out how much work is done, ongoing, awaiting in the backlog
  • Check what is the pace of progress
  • Identify bottlenecks in the workflow