Funnels for is an app providing board views to visualise sales or marketing funnels and journey of items through the workflow.

Funnel Board View

This view lets you visualise traditional sales or marketing funnel showing number of items per status. Graph assumes that reaching certain state means an item went through all previous states.

Funnel View

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Tree / Journey Board View

This view shows transitions of items between statuses and takes into account the whole activity log of items.

Tree View

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Example use cases

Watch Fredrik Kastenholm from Ominitas Consulting talking about few use cases where Funnels proved useful:

  • show percentage of items dropping out at every stage of the process
  • compare conversion rates between different lead sources
  • find out how many steps are required to reach certain Status (e.g. close the sale)
  • find bottlenecks in the process


  • visualise funnels based on order of Statuses in your process
  • visualise transitions of items across Statuses as Tree / Journey diagram
  • use count of items or weight values to show relative size of nodes in diagrams (Number or Formula columns can be used to provide weights)
  • drill down to show Status transitions of individual items
  • customise graphs:
    • drag and drop Statuses to change their default order
    • show or hide any Statuses in the workflow
    • use standard board Filters to filter out any items
    • change scale of nodes
    • freely pan and zoom graphs