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Retrospective Tools (Jira)

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See your project from a different perspective

Retrospective Tools for Jira

Discover past events that affected delivery of the project as you navigate the timeline.

See dynamics of the team as the history of issues travelling through workflow is replayed in fast forward.

Identify bottlenecks, analyse individual tasks

Retrospective Tools for Jira

Get deep understanding of your workflow.

Bottlenecks, too large tasks, other constraints become obvious when looking at statistics - both totals and per individual task.


Retrospective Tools for Jira helps to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the team:

  • Watch your project unfold on an animated, customisable agile board (Kanban/Scrum).
  • Analyse statistics of individual issues or groups of issues.
  • Customise columns per project with a built-in editor (e.g. group several Jira statuses in one column to analyse Development phase vs. Testing phase).

Retrospective Tools provides 2 views accessible from Project / Add-on menu in Jira:

  • Replay View - this is where you replay the historsy of status changes for the project or arbitrary group of issues selected with JQL
  • Statistics View - view showing times spent in statuses for individual issues as well as various statistics.

You can find more details in the Replay View and Statistics View docs.